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The airless Cartridge & Cap

are the core components of a Soft Mist Inhaler (SMI) and serve as a container for filling the pharmaceutical product. 

Our patented airless bag-in-bottle system, which has proven itself in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, can be customised to the requirements of the various SMI devices. 

It offers the best possible product protection for medications such as generics, biologics and active pharmaceutical ingredients.
For instance, it is suitable for the treatment of

  • COPD – chronic respiratory diseases
  • bronchial asthma
  • and other lung diseases

The illustration depicts a cross-section of the airless cartridge including cap:

On the left, in filled state: The inner bag (green) is in contact with the rigid outer bottle

On the right, in used state: The inner bag (green) collapses smoothly when device is activated  (bag-in-bottle system).

The illustrations are product sketches, and sizes may vary from the original


How it works:

  • The airless cartridge + cap contains the pharmaceutical product and is placed in the SMI inhalation device.
  • By activating the device, the product is extracted from the cartridge. The inhaler produces a fine spray mist in a defined dosage.
  • The outer bottle of the multi-layer cartridge remains rigid.
  • The flexible inner bag contracts in a controlled manner, reducing the inner volume without allowing air or contaminates to enter the system (Airless Motion® bag-in-bottle system).
  • The medication is applied through the inhalation system.
  • The airless cartridge (bag-in-bottle system) allows medication/formulation to remain unaffected as it eliminates the need for any propellant.
  • The cartridge solution enables multiple use/ refill of the inhalation system


  • The combination of device and bag-in-bottle system ensures a fine spray mist without propellant
  • The dosage volume from the cartridge can be customized
  • The special barrier properties of the flexible inner bag protects the formular from chemical, physical, and microbiological contamination
  • The controlled collapsing of the inner bag enables a high restitution rate 
  • The 360° application is a key advantage in emergency situations


Cartridge variations

  • Pharmaceutical-specific barrier properties are possible upon the customer request
  • Available with and without cap
  • Colouring according to customer preference
  • Available volume: 4 ml – 6 ml
  • Customized solutions possible with additional volumes, etc.