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Nasal, Ophthalmic, Topical, Oral

Airless container for pump application


Reaching the utmost level of integrity, sterility during multiple dosing without preservative agents, requires highly engineered packaging. The first cornerstone, necessary to reach this goal, is a container suitable to match these needs.

Utilizing a multilayer bottle to a hybrid packaging, consisting out of a rigid bottle layer, and a flexible, contracting bag layer , prevents the necessity of the airless pump to vent the container with contaminated air during multiple dosage.

Numerous patents are protecting the IP of product , function and process.


The AirlessMotion products can be combined with numerous dispensing units for:

  • horizontical or vertical outlets
  • spray, dropper or lotion
  • snap, crimp or srew neck design
  • push button or trigger activation

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Benefits of the system (B2B)

  • Formula without preservative agents applicable
  • Absolute protection against chemical, physical and microbiological contamination
  • Accurate and reliable dosing throughout the period of use (after opening)
  • Layers barrier properties e.g. oxygen, water vapour, aroma etc. can be included into the bag
  • Deco layer, like soft touch or high gloss, can be added to the bottle
  • The only Airless System with a real freedom of design, compatible with all shapes of a complete product line
  • established sizes from 5 ml up to 1.250 ml

Customer convenience

  • Real 360° usage, product can be applied at any angle
  • High evacuation rate, respectively low residual volume, due to axial controlled folding of the bag
  • No preservative agents, no allergic reactions
  • Hermetic packaging allows for a fresh dosed product at any time
  • Instant repriming after in use storage, hence correct dosage