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FAQ Implant Syringe

Frequently asked questions about the implant syringe are answered by
our Product Manager Ingmar Kneer.


Which variants are available?

There are two variants, the first for the delivery of an implant with a retarding agent over 1 month, the second over 3 months.

Which implant sizes are possible?

For the 1 month variant the diameter of the implant is 1.2 mm +/- 0.1 mm with a length of minimum 11.0 mm to maximum 19.5 mm.

For the 3 month version the diameter of the implant is 1.5 mm +/- 0.1 mm with a length of minimum 11.0 mm to maximum 19.5 mm.

Are other variants also possible?

Basically yes, these must be planned and are subject to some constructive and application-specific limits.


Are there appropriate facilities?

Yes, it comes in several concepts.
We will be happy to provide you with further information on this in the course of the project.

How is the Implant Syringe filled with the implant?

The implant syringe is supplied ready-to-fill in two assemblies (BG1: syringe body and BG2: plunger).

At the customer’s/contract filler’s premises, the implant is inserted into the syringe body (BG1) from behind on a suitable system up to the depot and then finally assembled with the plunger (BG2).

How is the Implant Syringe sterilized?

Depending on the compatibility of the implant and the active agent, the syringe can be either ETO sterilized or gamma irradiated.

Depending on the system and filling concept, sterilisation can take place before aseptic filling or, in the case of non-aseptic filling, as the final step.

The Market

Is this Implant Syringe already on the market?

This implant syringe has been on the market since 2016.

In which countries is the syringe on the market?

Mainly in Eastern Europe, other countries are about to be launched. Currently we are in the pre-launch phase for Chinese market.


Who are your partners?

We will gladly name our partners after signing a CDA.

Are there samples available?

After signing a CDA, we will be happy to send you samples for you to view.

contact person

Please contact our product manager and sales manager Mr. Ingmar Kneer by mail (info@gaplast.de).
He will be pleased to answer your further questions in detail.