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Container Closure Systems



Container Closure Systems

The preliminary task of each packaging system is to store and protect the content. But at the same time it is also inevitable to match the ease of use when opening and closing the container.

Whilst fitting to different designs of container openings, like

• snap on (Ø 19,85 mm – 54,50 mm)
• screw

or different container materials, like

• plastic
• aluminium
• glass

the following closure features are available solely or in combination

• tamper-evident
• with integrated desiccant
• for tablet storage
• with distance holder: by an additional bellow or by an integrated spiral
• childproof (ISO 8317 & CFR §1700.20) by integrated, self-resetting push-pull slider

Senior friendly desiccant stopper with pull tab

Unfortunately, a gain in ages usually goes along with a loss in power.
Therefore, the target is to engineer an easy to use packaging which also fulfils pharmaceutical requirements.

System Benefits (B2B)

• Compatible to standard and already in place snap-on filling lines
• No impact on article price

Consumer Convenience (B2C)

• Reducing the initial opening force up to 40%


Once opened, a packaging usually requires less force to be reopened than for the initial opening. To lower this effort, the tamper evident ring can now be torn off at the pull tab prior to levering the closure.



The white stoppers are made of 97% bio-based material (sugar cane) + 3% white colour batch.


post consumer recycled plastic

The stoppers are made of 97% yellow bag + 3% white colour batch.