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Implant Syringe

(drug device combination product)


The implantation syringe is qualified for the placement of rod-shaped, long-acting tablets. These are intended to release their active substance gradually into the tissue layers of the patient. For this purpose, it is necessary that the tablet is placed subcutaneously by a needle. Generally, this is done with a syringe.

Until today it is still accepted to push the tablet further into virgin layers of the tissue than necessary, if the syringe is not withdrawn smoothly from the tissue. Vice versa, if the syringe is withdrawn too fast, the tablet could stick out of the tissue to a certain extent. This results in a lost administration and an increase of costs and pain for the patient.


After removal of the security clip and protection cap the syringe is ready for use. The doctor applies the implant syringe to the patient’s tissue, injects subcutaneously and presses the implant syringe completely together. During the application, the syringe shell is always in touch with the skin. First the tablet (implant) is placed in the tissue via the plunger in the needle channel and then the needle is withdrawn from the patient’s tissue. After the administration the needle is protected both by the plunger and by the needle cover, afterwards the syringe can be disposed as usual.


Benefits of the system (B2B)

  • The tablet is effectively protected from falling out of the syringe
  • The only device which allows the placement of the tablet and the withdrawal of the needle in a single sequential procedure
  • Delivery of two sub-assemblies for easy filling and final mounting

Customer convenience

  • Less pain for the patient
  • Tablet is not pressed further into the tissue than necessary due to direct placement in the punctured canal
  • Tablet does not extend out of the tissue due to fixed placement of the tablet in the punctured canal, therefore no second administration necessary
  • Pre-filled syringe reduces the risk of misuse and fail loading as well as costs and time
  • Needlestick prevention
  • Safe and simple administration for the doctor