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Implant Syringe


Implant Syringe

The Implant Syringe is suitable for the placement of rod-shaped, long-acting (retarding) biodegradable implants. These are intended to gradually release their active ingredient into the tissue and then into the patient’s bloodstream after subcutaneous administration. For this purpose, it is necessary for the implant to be inserted through a needle into the subcutaneous tissue.
The special feature of the Implant Syringe is that it has an automatic retraction mechanism for the injection cannula that prevents it

  • a) that the blunt implants can be pressed into the skin tissue beyond the needle point after piercing, which is painful. The implant is reliably held at the end of the puncture channel during the injection process.
  • b) that the syringe must be actively withdrawn from the tissue by the user during injection. Thus, a safe administration of the implant is made possible and an undesirable escape of the implant from the injection channel avoided.

The innovative Implant Syringe avoids failed administrations, thus avoiding higher treatment costs and pain for the patient.


After removal of the security clip and protection cap the syringe is ready for use. The doctor applies the Implant Syringe to the patient’s tissue, injects subcutaneously and presses the Implant Syringe completely together. During the application, the syringe shell is always in touch with the skin.
First, the implant is inserted into the needle channel via the piston, after which the needle is automatically withdrawn from the tissue. After use, the syringe can be discarded as usual, as it is equipped with a needle guard (to avoid injury to the cannula by a healthcare professional).


Benefits of the system (B2B)

  • the implant is effectively protected from falling out of the syringe
  • The only syringe that allows you to administer the implant and retract the needle in a single coherent procedure
  • Delivery of two sub-assemblies for easy filling and final mounting



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Customer convenience

  • Less pain for the patient
  • The implant is not pressed into the tissue by direct placement in the punctured injection channel
  • A pre-filled syringe reduces the risk of application errors or failed medication administration
  • Protection against needlestick injuries after application
  • Fast, safe and easy to use for the doctor