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Beginning of March, PRIMAVERA launched a new body care line on the cosmetics market that stands for joy, happiness, inner balance and sustainable packaging.

Similar to the new facial care line (see info: Primavera launches natural facial care line in AirlessMotion® PCR bottle – GAPLAST), this time PRIMAVERA has also chosen our AirlessMotion® system and offers two body care products with our packaging solution.

We are presenting one of them today:

The cooling body spray “Pure Joy”, finds the best possible product protection in the AirlessMotion® TowerLine 100 ml PCR packaging. The outer layer of this airless bottle is made of recycled material, only the very thin inner bag, in contact with the formulation, consists of virgin material. On top of that, the system offers the end user ultimate consumer convenience due to the 360° spray application.

It is great to see this unique product on the market and we thank PRIMAVERA for working with us!

To be continued.

photo credit: Primavera Life GmbH