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In June 2022 our customer and neighbour (distance approx. 60 km) Primavera Life GmbH from Oy-Mittelberg has launched its new cosmetic line. This includes 4 different face fluids and creams packaged in our AirlessMotion® bottles made from recycled material.

Not only the formulation, but also a matching packaging are of high importance in order to be holistically sustainable. Therefore, it was a special concern for us to develop a future-oriented packaging together with Primavera and to establish it on the cosmetics market.

Sustainability is close to both companies’ hearts, which is why we would like to highlight 4 key facts about this customised packaging:

– Protection of our earth’s natural resources through the use of 82% recycled material in the outer bottle.

– Packaging flows back into the cycle of recyclable materials

– Ensuring the highest possible yield and quality of creams and fluids

– Sustainably produced in Germany – Bavaria – Altenau & Peiting 

We would like to thank Primavera for the great cooperation and their enthusiasm for our AirlessMotion® packaging.


More information about Primavera: www.primaveralife.com/duftwelten/gesichtspflege


photo credits: Primavera Life GmbH