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The third sustainable packaging we were asked to develop for Primavera’s new body care products was the 200 ml AirlessMotion® post-consumer recycling (PCR) bottle.

The focus was on achieving the highest possible recycling rate in the bag-in-bottle packaging. We succeeded in processing more than 80% PCR material in the outer bottle (inner bag: virgin material).

Due to the mentioned airless system and the included protective bag inside, users can count on a high restitution rate. There is no need to shake and/or cut open the packaging to get to the last drop. The empty body lotion bottle can be recycled through the standard recycling stream.

Information about the 100 ml AirlessMotion® PCR packaging for the novel body spray is available here: New AirlessMotion® body spray from PRIMAVERA – GAPLAST


Photo credit: Primavera Life GmbH