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„With the development of a new implant syringe, Gaplast has revolutionized the application of subcutaneously administered drugs.“

This statement is written in the customer magazine HARRO #12 2021 from machine manufacturer Harro Höfliger and makes you want to read more!

The mentioned company developed the suitable equipment for the pre-assembly and assembly of our implant syringe. This joint and partnership-based achievement is now summarised in the article “Innovation that gous under your skin”. In addition, the entire history of the Gaplast implant syringe, as well as an interview with Ingmar Kneer, can be found under the following link.

We thank Harro Höfliger for this very interesting and great article and hope you enjoy reading it.

Link: Implant placers: Innovation that goes under your skin | HARRO (harro-magazine.com)