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photo + video credit: Wild Beauty GmbH

Wild Beauty GmbH contacted us with the request to use airless packaging made of recyled material for their new launch. We realized this great idea together and with Yours Truly a vegan and animal-friendly hair care line in a sustainable airless packaging was launched. The 200ml AirlessMotion® PCR bottle (bottle+ inner bag) consist of up to 85% PCR material. The secure application of this PCR pack for rinse-off products like this hare care line was accredited by a toxicological certificate.

This video clearly and nicely explains the functionality of our AirlessMotion® bottle.

We want to thank Mr Noah Wild (CEO Wild Beauty GmbH) for his praising words:

 „We did not make it easy for ourselves with this project. But together, with the absolut will to succeed, we realized the PCR bottle as new concept. It was crucial that Glaplast shared the same vision with us: sustainable concepts, smart ideas and the demand for being a guiding light for the environment, business and consumers.”

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