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Thanks to long-term business relationships with Ansorge Logistik and Liebensteiner Kartonagenwerk, we were able to make a joint contribution to the current ongoing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. 

We are very concerned about the situation in Ukraine. Therefore, it was decided very quickly that we also wanted to help! After some research, we had a place to support – the Saliterhof in Peiting. Here, donations in kind are collected voluntarily, which are then taken to those in need. We received information that the helpers have already got a lot of donations in kind, but they are missing packaging materials.

After a few phone calls to our long-standing cardboard supplier Liebensteiner and the Spedition Ansorge, we were able to give the volunteers the following message:

  •  Liebensteiner Kartonagenwerk is donating a large number of cardboard boxes
  • Ansorge Logistik takes over the free delivery to the Saliterhof in Peiting
  • Gaplast donates € 10,000 to the donation account of the community of Peiting

All this was possible thanks to a great teamwork between the community of Peiting, Gaplast, the employees of Gaplast and the partner companies. Many thanks!