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Congratulations to the Gaplast-Team for winning this outstanding award!

Gaplast participated in the contest for the German Packaging Award with its products “Implantatspritze” (implant syringe) and “ModularUnitDose”. 213 packaging machines in 10 categories have been judged by the jury and 33 have received the German Packaging Award 2016. On Tuesday, 27 September 2016, Gaplast will be presented with the trophy and certificate in the category “functionality and convenience” for its “Implantatspritze”. The award ceremony will take place in Nürnberg at the Fachpack trade fair (exhibition for packaging solutions), starting at 16.00 o’clock.

For the first time, the jury will also grant the German Packaging Award in Gold – presented for excellent quality, innovative products and impressive solutions. The winner will only be announced during the award ceremony.

We are very curious as to who is going to win this special award.

The article can be found at www.verpackungspreis.de

Implantatspritze (implant syringe)

spritze      gewinner2016

Medical packaging and injection applicator in one functional element
Precise subcutaneous application of long term effective pharmaceuticals. Secure, pin-point precise, and relatively pain-free. Rendering any local anaesthesia rendundant.

This system is characterized by being medical packaging and injection applicator for subcutaneous application of long term effective pills in one functional element. The precisely applicable, subcutaneous application of long term effective pharmaceuticals (e.g. in cancer therapy or contraceptives) often is very painful and usually requires local anaesthesia. Thanks to this smart injection applicator the drug can be placed securely, pin-point accurate and relatively pain-free, making local anaesthetic obsolete.

Submitted by: Gaplast GmbH