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Gaplast at Luxe Pack 2013 in Monaco.

Gaplast, a company located in the foothills of the Bavarian Alps, addresses new market segments. From niche through to standard products, Gaplast now also offers particularly elegant and attractive packagings for demanding cosmetic manufacturers .

The AirlessMotion® Innovation has been successfully adopted as a bag in bottle system for cosmetics. Natural cosmetics benefit from this technology in particular. Because the system is fully airtight, products can be applied free of preservative agents.

Once more, well-known manufacturers of cosmetics have become aware of Gaplast. Elegant packagings will present their products even more individual and appealing.
Only in collaboration with Dupont, this service could be realized due to the Surlyn ® 3D technology.

Serum 3D is forging ahead!

The complex manufacturing process of this trendy and glass-like bottle is completely performed in-house at Gaplast. Driven by competence and innovative capacity all three manufacturing steps are defined by specialists as follows:

Step 1 – Production of the inner contour providing bottle by extrusion blow molding (EBM ) or injection blow molding (IBM)
Step 2 – Decorating the bottles with hot-stamping or screen printing
Step 3 – Overmolding of the inner bottle
Elegant colors and trendy decorative elements are exerted by the glass-like 3D look of the bottle.

Serum 3D has arrived!